Saturday, June 16, 2012

Project #3: Make your meals smile :)

I started cooking not a long time ago, right when I came to Japan and I love cooking ever since.
I failed a lot at first, getting so much better now, but I still have no confident to cook for others though :)

What I love the most from cooking my own meals is that how I can put or eliminate every ingredients  I want!

Taking pictures of meals is my habit, both when I eat out or when I cook and trust me it's really helpful. I keep track on what I am eating and  moreover, I care about the presentation of my handmade meals now.

Yet, these days, to make me even happier eating my own cooked meals, I make my meals smile!!! :)

Project #3: Make your meals smile :)

it's all started when I was on my holiday in Thailand, I was having a buffet breakfast and I accidentally made a face out of the food I was taking.

smiling sausages man :)

I continued making different face the next morning! Good way to start my day. I had so much fun :D

smiling ape!

I completely forgot about the whole smiley meals when I was back to Indonesia since I don't cook there. But one day, after coming back to Japan, I was frying eggs on my pan and I did notice the egg yolks were resembling eyes!

Put ketchup and tada! the eggs smile to me!

Making and having smiling meals are addictive and fun! :D

Smiling pork beansprouts paprika kimchi rice.

Not smiling but still cute! little devil broccoli and gyoza rice

Chicken mushroom panda rice



Are you ready to cook and make your meal smile to you tomorrow?



  1. interesting objects and project as always :)
    and.. makes me hungry :D~

  2. LOVE your food! Looks very friendly haha. Did you notice that number 3 looks exactly like a very famous meme? Is it on purpose?
    here is his image:

    1. now that u sent me the link, I think it's kinda look alike. What a coincidence! :D thanks for sharing

  3. ayaaayyy,, it's yummyyyy.
    make me want to eat right now. haha!
    well, since we are a new blogger, welcome!
    is it nice be in Tokyo? :D

    1. thanks! yup, of course it is nice to be here, in Tokyo

  4. such cute food!! I love smiley faces - they can make anything cute

    1. thank you! definitely, they can make anything looks cuter and happier! :D

  5. the food looks great! very very cute. i like your blog very much, i am your new follower:)
    can you check my blog?

  6. Oh my gosh! Haha, looks like you had a lot of fun with your food! >U<
    Haha, and it's even healthy! ^3^