Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project #2: Find 10 unnoticed beauties in neighborhood

We tend to be more observant when we are traveling. Taking pictures of every single beautiful thing we see. However we do not have to go far away to find those beauties, there are some unnoticed beauties right under our noses. In the neighborhood where we each live. What we are seeing around in the neighborhood almost everyday might had become routines that we started to take our surrounding for granted, so...

Project #2: Find 10 unnoticed beauties in neighborhood
Take your camera with you, wear comfortable shoes and go take a walk around while observing your surrounding! Find 10 interesting yet unnoticed things in your neighborhood and take pictures of them.

Here 10 things that I found :)

Found this park on the hill during the winter and it instantly became my fave spot in the neighborhood.
I'm calling this place the Tokyo version of park in the 500 days of summer.
When I came back to visit after few months passed, it is filled with green! :)

I decided to cross the road using this crossing bridge instead of the zebra cross like what I normally do.
Later, I was surprised to see how there are some cute animals prints painted on it :)
Tokyo deserves the title as the cutest town on earth!

White window and white wall. Simple, clean and cute.

I love the color combination and contrast :)

A new way to keep an umbrella.

This was a day before the sun eclipse in Tokyo and the sun was looking unusual.

Found this cute hidden red house on the back of two other houses.
Maximal usage of land?

Cute sign! rocking car :D 

Standing out balcony with red roses/flowers. I wonder who live there.

double mirrors.
white vs yellow
motorcycle vs bicycle



  1. I am in love with the last picture. One seems so modern other is old fashioned, one is simple the other is surrounded by other objects and writing. Love it.

    1. now that you pointed it out, I noticed that too :) good observation Alison!

  2. These pictures really do capture the beauty in a regular day! I will do this project myself at some point! Thanks for the idea :D

  3. this is interesting!!! :D I wanted to do the same~ thanks for the inspiration^^

  4. interesting project to do.. and inspiring as well :)

  5. This is such a unique idea. Would you care if I sort of borrow the idea?

    I've followed you, if you don't mind :P It's nice to find fresh new blogs out here. Care to follow back?

    1. Go ahead! I will be so happy if you do this by your own too :D

  6. This is a great idea :)
    All your pictures are very nice and refreshing.