Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project #7: Go watch fireworks

I went to see the Sumidagawa fireworks festival last Saturday for the first time.
2.000.000 fireworks, 1.5 hour, 900.000 audience.
The train, the road were very crowded of people and that was the reason why I was avoiding to go to that festival the previous years.

I am so glad that this year, I decided to go. It was the biggest, longest and the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen in my life. Not forget to mention that it was inspiring too :)

Project #7: Go watch fireworks
I'm pretty much sure that in every country, there must be a certain fireworks event. I know most of us hate the crowds during that certain kind of events, but the crowds can be another kind of excitement :)

Boom boom boom even brighter than moon moon moon~


Pokeball from Pokemon ;)

I felt like I was in the outer space for 1.5 hour.
Definitely I will go again next year in Yukata, maybe ;)

here is the video I took:


Monday, July 9, 2012

Project #6: Documenting an event

Since taking a video is my latest hobby, I've been taking many short clips these days! :)
I just love how video can "preserve" some moments just like pictures.

Project #6 Documenting an event

Document the event you want to remember :)
It can be in any form, writings, pictures or videos.
So if  a question like "what did I do at this time last year?" comes out in your mind, you will always be able to find the answer.

Yesteday, when I was walking home from Ikebukuro, I saw some girls were walking in Yukata! I knew right away that there must a festival held nearby and it was true, there was a summer festival at Kishiboujin :)
I went to that shrine for Oeshiki festival in fall before, it was bigger than the summer one but no one wore Yukata that time. So this was new for me!

and a video I made out of that day and some other days


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project #5: Take a picture under the umbrella

I bet most of you dislike going out on rainy days as much as do.
Gloomy day, wet slippery roads, bringing umbrella with one hand, humid air, I am not fond of them.

To make a rainy day more fun, I found out that taking pictures under umbrella is one of the several options (besides staying home sipping hot cocoa while watching movie ;) )!

Project #5: Take a picture under the umbrella

My advice: it will be better if you are bringing the transparent umbrella :) 

opss it was not raining but snowing when I took this picture ;)

Colored umbrella is less fancy but still fun!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project #4: Make a short video of an ordinary day

I've been to Shinjuku for countless time and I always take the same route.
Walking to the bus stop, taking the bus, sitting near the window and finally arriving at Shinjuku in less than 30 minutes.

That day, I was in the mood of creating something I've never done before which is to make a video!
I was alone, the weather was nice and I documented my way to Shinjuku.

Project #4: Make a short video of an ordinary day

Making video is so much fun, I'll definitely make a longer and better one next time :)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Project #3: Make your meals smile :)

I started cooking not a long time ago, right when I came to Japan and I love cooking ever since.
I failed a lot at first, getting so much better now, but I still have no confident to cook for others though :)

What I love the most from cooking my own meals is that how I can put or eliminate every ingredients  I want!

Taking pictures of meals is my habit, both when I eat out or when I cook and trust me it's really helpful. I keep track on what I am eating and  moreover, I care about the presentation of my handmade meals now.

Yet, these days, to make me even happier eating my own cooked meals, I make my meals smile!!! :)

Project #3: Make your meals smile :)

it's all started when I was on my holiday in Thailand, I was having a buffet breakfast and I accidentally made a face out of the food I was taking.

smiling sausages man :)

I continued making different face the next morning! Good way to start my day. I had so much fun :D

smiling ape!

I completely forgot about the whole smiley meals when I was back to Indonesia since I don't cook there. But one day, after coming back to Japan, I was frying eggs on my pan and I did notice the egg yolks were resembling eyes!

Put ketchup and tada! the eggs smile to me!

Making and having smiling meals are addictive and fun! :D

Smiling pork beansprouts paprika kimchi rice.

Not smiling but still cute! little devil broccoli and gyoza rice

Chicken mushroom panda rice



Are you ready to cook and make your meal smile to you tomorrow?


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project #2: Find 10 unnoticed beauties in neighborhood

We tend to be more observant when we are traveling. Taking pictures of every single beautiful thing we see. However we do not have to go far away to find those beauties, there are some unnoticed beauties right under our noses. In the neighborhood where we each live. What we are seeing around in the neighborhood almost everyday might had become routines that we started to take our surrounding for granted, so...

Project #2: Find 10 unnoticed beauties in neighborhood
Take your camera with you, wear comfortable shoes and go take a walk around while observing your surrounding! Find 10 interesting yet unnoticed things in your neighborhood and take pictures of them.

Here 10 things that I found :)

Found this park on the hill during the winter and it instantly became my fave spot in the neighborhood.
I'm calling this place the Tokyo version of park in the 500 days of summer.
When I came back to visit after few months passed, it is filled with green! :)

I decided to cross the road using this crossing bridge instead of the zebra cross like what I normally do.
Later, I was surprised to see how there are some cute animals prints painted on it :)
Tokyo deserves the title as the cutest town on earth!

White window and white wall. Simple, clean and cute.

I love the color combination and contrast :)

A new way to keep an umbrella.

This was a day before the sun eclipse in Tokyo and the sun was looking unusual.

Found this cute hidden red house on the back of two other houses.
Maximal usage of land?

Cute sign! rocking car :D 

Standing out balcony with red roses/flowers. I wonder who live there.

double mirrors.
white vs yellow
motorcycle vs bicycle